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Infrared Gas Burner & Metal Fiber Burner
Infrared Burner Type & Performance

Metal Fiber Burner MFB150
(General Convection Oven)

Metal Fiber Burner MFB350
(Stamping Die Heating)

Metal Fiber Burner MFB600
(Heat Asphalt Pavment)
Burner Ignition System
Pulse Ignition System for Gas Burner
NORTON (U.S.A.) Hot Surface Igniter)
Silicon Carbide Igniter
Pulse Ignition System - Mobile
Flame Detector for Food IR Burner
Pilot Igniter for MFB Burner
Electric Infrared Heating
Goldenrod Infrared Lamp - Short Wave
Electric IR Heater Performance
Seaweed Infrared Grill
IR Lamp with Automatic SCR Control
Goldenrod IR Lamp with SCR Manual Control
Electric Infrared Oven (Test Module)
Infrared Oven & Control
Control Module (On-Off) for Batch Oven
Control with Timer (On-Off) for Poweder Coating
Modulation Gas for Infrared Burner
Batch Oven 2 Zones (On-Off) for Powder Coating
Conveyorized Infrared Oven 1
Conveyorized Infrared Oven 2
Instruction Manual
Infrared Burner Repair
Instructuon for Johnson Modulating Valve

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